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Performing since 2009
Director and choreographer


Rhyth.mix is an entirely female company, comprised of Italian champions of rhythmic gymnastics, in which rhythm, synchronicity, beauty and elegance are executed in perfect harmony of technique, dance, music and color.

The body as an exhibit of elegance, the beauty as a fusion of shapes and forms, the joy as bursts of color, the music as the harmony of movement: Rhyth.mix embodies all of this.

The cast is composed of female Italian athletes who have gravitated towards the Italian National Team. Among them are also Italian champions, Olympic Medalists, and World Champions.


14 Novembre 2019



Press review

“Rhyth.mix. From the platform to the stage, a new career for these super gymnasts…soaring effortlessly across the stage and putting on a show with their supple bodies. After years of competing, they have utilized their athleticism and ability to create something new. More than deserving of theater acclaim and applause..”
Valeria Crippa- Corriere della Sera.


“The technique of the sport meets the choreography, sold out for all the previous dates.

When Fiorello hosted them as guests on his show, he fell in love with all eight of them. Are they artistic? Without a doubt. Beautiful like top models, supple like snakes, dynamic like panthers, the female group is special because it is formed by super champions of rhythmic gymnastics (among them are World Champions and Olympic Silver Medalists) that even when putting aside the competition have found a new way to utilize their astounding bodies.”
Laura Magnetti- Repubblica.


“…an alternation of pure color and visual effects of incomparable elegance. Thunderous applause for the athletes and the emotion evoking show that never ceases to surprise.”


“…rhythmic gymnastics, extrapolated from its context, exposes it’s most hidden core.”


“Gymnastics and poetry become dance.

The sport has always been spectacular, especially in disciplines that utilize balancing and harmonious movements. Rhythmic gymnastics and the talent of these female athletes are mixed with dance and theatrical expressivity. All the ingredients necessary to transform a performance into a show capable of evoking another level of emotion, are there. On stage are eight gymnasts who utilize their femininity, beauty, and elegance of rhythmic dynamics to transform this discipline into a suggestive exhibition that presents a perfect synergy between movement, lights, music, which are further accentuated by astonishing special effects..”
Franca Cassine – La Stampa.


“The stars of Italian rhythmic gymnastics star in a dance show.

The harmony of dance and the supple motions of rhythmic gymnastics, fused together with a pinch of magic: this is the recipe of “Rhyth.mix.”
Sabrina Penteriani- Eco di Bergamo.